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Using the GenuineChannels SharedMemory Channel with Windows Vista

If you are using the shared memory remoting channel from GenuineChannels under Vista, you can quickly become a victim of a new security feature of Windows Vista: Global objects (a Mutex in the global namespace, for example) can only be created in session 0 - and with Vista, only services run in session 0.

The GenuineChannels SharedMemoryChannel creates a global mutex by default, and will fail with with this error message:

Can not create or open a memory file mapping. Error code: 2. Use the Visual C++ Error Lookup utility to see the text of the error message.

Consider the following code for the initialization of the remoting infrastructure:

    1 publicvoid InitializeRemoting(string name, string address)

    2 {

    3     Hashtable properties;

    4     GenuineSharedMemoryChannel channel;


    6     properties = newHashtable();


    8     properties = newHashtable();

    9     properties["listen"] = address;

   10     properties["name"] = name;

   11     properties["priority"] = 100;


   13     channel = newGenuineSharedMemoryChannel(properties, null, null)

   14     ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel);

   15 }

To force the channel to create session-local objects only, insert the following line at line 12:

   12     properties["smsessionlocal"] = true;



Posted by Henning Krause on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 12:00 AM, last modified on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 12:00 PM
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