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Exchange Library 0.97

It's time for a new update to my Exchange access library. Again, several breaking changes, as the number of classes grow. So, here is the new class diagram:

(click to enlarge)

And there are a few more classes worth writing about: The Searcher<ItemType> is a Searcher class which returns MessageItems, CalendarItems and so on. Next, the Folder<ItemType> implements the folder functionality for the same classes. And finally, the Mailbox class provides access to the wellknown folders like Calendar, Inbox, Outbox and so on - language independent. So, here is the diagram for these classes:

If you have comments or if you found an error, please drop me a note.

Changelog for this version

  • The Item class now has most of the methods from the SimpleItem class: Delete, Copy, Move
  • The host of the url passed to the an Item or Folder class now checks the IP addresses of the specified hostname instead of the literal hostname. If an IP address is specified as a server, no DNS resolution is attempted.
  • New Searcher<ItemType> class. Allows to directly search for tasks, appointments, calendaritems..
  • New Folder<ItemType> class. 
  • New Mailbox class which provides language-independent access to the wellknown folders like inbox, outbox, tasks...
  • Renamed Item to SimpleItem
  • Renamed TypedItemBase to Item
  • Renamed Task to TaskItem
  • Renamed Contact to ContactItem
  • Renamed Message to MessageItem
  • Item is no longer abstract
  • Item and its descendents now all have a parameterless constructor
  • Fixed a bug in the ContactItem class which prevented a successful save operation
  • Fixed several bugs in the security logic.

Downloads (253,065 Bytes)
Binaries for version 0.97, strong-named (501,698 Bytes)
Example application for version 0.97 (855,323 Bytes)
Source files for version 0.97 (667,023 Bytes)
Documentation for version 0.97.


Posted by Henning Krause on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 12:00 AM, last modified on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 12:00 PM
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