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Exchange library updated again

This is a maintenance update with a number of bugfixes and a few new features to ease access to child items and folders: The Folder classes now expose two properties, ChildItems and ChildFolders, which provide access to the child elements of the folder. Both, the ItemCollection and the FolderCollection, have a Refresh operation, which must be called before the child elements can be accessed. Furthermore, both classes have a Constraints property, which restricts the items enumerated by the Refresh operation. Here is a class diagram of the new classes:

Class diagram of the ItemCollection and FolderCollection classes (click to enlarge)

I will post an example tomorrow on how to use these new methods to enumerate the attachments of all items in the inbox folder of a users mailbox.

Changelog for this version

  • Many minor changes to comply with static code-analysis
  • Fixed an bug with the Mailbox class
  • Fixed several bugs in the Initialize() method of the typed item classes
  • New class FolderCollection, which provides access to subfolders of an item.
  • New class ItemCollection<ItemType>, which provide access to child elements of a folder
  • The Folder<ItemType> now have a property ChildItems
  • The Folder classes now has a property ChildFolders;
  • The Folder class now has a property ChildItems.
  • The Attachment.Name property is now more accurate
  • All Item and Folder classes now expose a method ResetSecurityDescriptor and ResetSecurityDescriptorAsync, which does exactly that.
  • The Contact, CalendarItem now sets the content class correctly on new items
  • The Find Method on the Searcher and Searcher<ItemType> has been renamed to FindAll
  • The FindAsync Method on the Searcher and Searcher<ItemType> has been renamed to FindAllAsync
  • New method FindPage on the Searcher and Searcher<ItemType> 
  • New method FindPageAsync on the Searcher and Searcher<ItemType> 
  • The constructor of FolderSecurity is now internal
  • Constructor in ContactEmailAddress now saves the displayname correctly
  • Upgraded the threading library to version 2.5.2. This fixes a bug with all the synchronous methods blocking in a deadlock.

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Binaries, Source, Documentation and Example application of version 0.99.2


Posted by Henning Krause on Saturday, February 10, 2007 12:00 AM, last modified on Saturday, February 10, 2007 12:00 PM
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