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Enumerating attachments in a users inbox folder

One reader recently asked how he could use my InfiniTec.Exchange library to scan the mails in the inbox folder of a users mailbox for attachments. Here is an example:

    1 classProgram

    2 {

    3     staticvoid Main(string[] args)

    4     {

    5         ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback = delegate { returntrue; };


    7         using (Connection connection = newConnection("server", ConnectionProtocol.Secure, newCredential("username", "password", AuthenticationType.Ntlm)))

    8         {

    9             Mailbox mbx;


   11             Console.Out.WriteLine("Refreshing mailbox....");

   12             mbx = newMailbox("exchange/useralias", connection);

   13             mbx.Refresh();


   15             ItemCollection<MessageItem> children = mbx.Inbox.ChildItems;


   17             children.Constraints +=

   18                 string.Format("AND Cast(\"{0}\" as \"boolean\") = true", WellknownProperties.Item.HasAttachments);


   20             Console.Out.WriteLine("Enumerating child items with attachments in inbox...");


   22             children.Refresh();


   24             Console.Out.WriteLine("Found {0} items", children.Count);


   26             foreach (MessageItem item in children)

   27             {

   28                 Console.Out.WriteLine("Processing " + item.Subject);

   29                 item.Attachments.Refresh();


   31                 foreach (Attachment attachment in item.Attachments)

   32                 {

   33                     Console.Out.WriteLine("\t{0} ({1}, {2}, {3} bytes)", attachment.Name, attachment.MimeType, attachment.ContentDisposition, attachment.Size);

   34                 }

   35             }


   37             Console.Out.WriteLine("Finished");

   38             Console.ReadLine();

   39         }

   40     }

   41 }

This is a console application, so you'll just have to replace the main class of a newly created console application with this code. Then, add a reference to my library (At least version 0.99.2).

The most tricky part here clearly is the modification of the constraints in line 17; The default constraint is initialized with this value:

    1 _Searcher.Constraints = string.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, "(\"{0}\" = false) ", WellknownProperties.Dav.IsFolder);

This restricts the result set to child elements which are not folders. To restrict the result set further, you can just append additional constraints with an "AND". The full constraint being used here is this:

    1 ("DAV:isfolder" = false) AND Cast("" as "boolean") = true

You'll probably wonder why I used the MAPI property 0xe1b00b instead of the urn:schemas:httpmail:hasattachment property. In the past, I've found the latter property not very reliable - it was false, even though a message had an attachment. And since I'm using a non-standard property here, I have to cast it to boolean to make the request work. If you don't do this, you'll end up with a Bad Request error from exchange.


Posted by Henning Krause on Sunday, February 11, 2007 12:00 AM, last modified on Monday, November 29, 2010 8:50 PM
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Comments (3) -

On 10/29/2008 9:14:03 PM Joe H. United States wrote:

Joe H.

What libraries are you &amp;quot;using&amp;quot;???

I figured out System.Net and InfiniTec.Security, but I can&#39;t figure out what is required for &amp;quot;Mailbox&amp;quot; and ItemCollection&amp;lt;MessageItem&amp;gt;.

On 7/27/2009 4:17:49 PM John United Kingdom wrote:


Re: Joe H. - Had the same problem. Download the latest version - 0.99.4 and this will work.

On 7/27/2009 5:30:36 PM John United Kingdom wrote:


okay - bit of a problem with this one.

It makes connection and if I inspect the mbx item it contains the various main folders - inbox / sent items etc.

If I look inside those folders they all have an item count of 0.

If I let the code carry on executing when it comes to &amp;quot;children.refresh&amp;quot; i get the error 422: Unprocessable Entity. I think this is due to all the inbox having a zero item count.

The only difference with the code is I&#39;m having to use Forms based Authentication.

Anyone have any ideas please?